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Research Notes

Still Life with Meredith by Ann Lewinson

Research for me is generally a haphazard process of taking things in, filing them away and revisiting them years later.


How Life Is After Death by JL Bogenschneider

Someone must have slandered K., for one Tuesday morning, without having done anything, he found himself deceased.


Shopgirl by Joel Fishbane

At the hat store, the clerks knew her name and reputation. She was Selena, the girl who liked hats.


The Space Explorer Ponders His Break Up from the Outer Reaches of the Galaxy by Sarah Carson

You want him to say all of the obvious things, how here among the stars, the Earth shrinking like a lost balloon beneath him, it’s hard to believe what we all take so seriously…

Research Notes

Joyce Hinnefeld on The Beauty of Their Youth

Two of the stories are old enough for me to struggle to recall the seed of where they came from, or the research I did in writing them. But there are a few details that I can recall with certainty.


Portraiture by Adam Falk

He wants his wife’s portrait painted. He knows nothing of art, doesn’t even have an interest, but a slew of recent police brutality lawsuits against the city, his firm’s biggest client, has accrued him the sort of money that’s got him thinking about lineage.

Book Reviews

Parade: A Folktale by Hiromi Kawakami, tr Allison Markin Powell

Either it’s supposed to be totally true or totally made up, but thinking too much about which it is will make your brain hurt and suck the joy out of a lovely story.

Research Notes

Michael Credico on Heartland Calamitous

The oldest story in the book is “I Bought Her a Bird,” about a woman and a man and the literal widening distance between them. I wrote the first draft in 2012.


The List by Thaisa Frank

For days I’ve been looking for the list. It’s somewhere in the house with the rocker, the lamp with the pink shade, the round mirror, the square mirror, the oval mirror, the postman’s desk, the photograph of doors — things I don’t remember acquiring.

Research Notes

Sara Rauch on What Shines from It

My conclusion is that ghosts prefer to embody light. I know I am not alone in this suspicion. How else might energy that possesses no matter present itself to the unsuspecting?


Here & Where by Hannah Nahar

At our weekly Wednesday dinner, Ruby and I burnt the fish and began her pursuit of moving on.